“I’ve been on board with each of these bands for about half a decade now, and while I’m not sure that this split is the best way for newcomers to play catch-up, it’s an excellent statement of purpose for where each act is at in 2014, and offers plenty of headphone and club fun to boot.” – I Die You Die –  Marching Dynamics / Cervello Elettronico 2014

“‘Anima Meccanica’ is a very good and promising new route in industrial music. A crisp production, much variation in beats and rhythms and interesting ideas.” – Brutal Resonance 

“Cervello Elettronico once again has produced an engaging release that is almost OCD in nature such is the small attention to detail.  It’s this obsessive eye for clarity and clean precision that makes it such an effective addition to his back catalogue that should please his long-term listeners and those new to the fold alike.” – Black Audio

“As an LP Anima Meccanica segues and reinvents itself enough times to warrant a few attentive listens: there’s far more going on under the floorboards than a casual investigation will uncover, and if you’re brave enough to stay awhile you just might figure out what.” – I Die You Die 

“Cervello Elettronico is a kind of music virus, which I have been inflected with since the official debut album “Negate The Instigator” (2007). The sophisticated and intelligent electro-minimalism of this artist was like a revelation to me.” – Side-Line 


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